Tired of Smile Flaws? Try Dental Veneers!

Published on November 30, 2017

How are your New Year’s goals coming along? Do you have any plans to work toward achieving a new and flawless smile? Whether your teeth are on the forefront of your mind or something you plan to address “someday,” we invite you to look into receiving a very popular option for cosmetic dentistry–dental veneers. If you have unwanted smile flaws, dental veneers can offer natural results that transform the appearance of your teeth.

The benefits of dental veneers are numerous when it comes to improving your smile. The are cosmetic shells of thin porcelain shaped like the fronts of the teeth to which they are bonded. Their porcelain material helps them to be very durable, especially if you provide proper care for your teeth, and your veneers can last about 10 years. Many patients find veneers to be a very affordable dental treatment.

The many uses of dental veneers enable them to cover a wide range of smile flaws, including teeth that are:

– Chipped
– Cracked
– Misshapen
– Discolored
– Mildly misaligned
– Badly spaced

Our dentist can perform a review of your smile to determine whether dental veneers will deliver the results you desire. We invite you to contact Las Cruces Dental Associates at 575.523.1479 today to arrange a consultation with Dr. Samaniego and further discuss your options for dental veneers in Las Cruces, New Mexico.