How to Floss Correctly

Published on January 24, 2018

Are unsure of how to use dental floss? We can give you a step-by-step process so you can floss more effectively.

An important step is to floss once a day. Normally, you might think to do this right before you go to sleep, but this is not an absolute rule. You can do at whatever time is convenient, just remember to do it daily.

About 18 inches of floss is usually enough length for each session. Wrapping about ⅓ of an inch around each of your pointer fingers is recommended. You can pinch the ends of the leftover string to keep it from coming loose.

Place the floss into one of the teeth gaps. The proper method is to pull the floss against one of the teeth, so it wraps around the side, and then slide it up and down.

Be sure to slide the floss into the gap between your gums and your tooth. The floss can usually slide into there without causing discomfort, as long as you do so gently. This approach will help by removing any plaque or food stuck there.

Once you are finished with one tooth, switch to the other tooth and repeat those same steps. It is best to use a different area of the string when you move to a different tooth to get better results.

When you have flossed all of your teeth, throw the used string away. They are not meant to be reused, otherwise, you might deposit what you cleaned out to another area of your mouth.

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