How Root Canal Therapy Can Bring Back Your Smile

Published on February 16, 2017

As a dental office, we are accustomed to people looking anxious when they are told they need root canal therapy to repair an infected or inflamed tooth. Many people automatically react that way, as they think a root canal is painful. However, having a root canal is like having a dental filling performed, and we will make you comfortable during the procedure. We also like to remind our patients that our goal is to relieve your tooth pain, not add to it!

Your tooth is comprised of a tough outer layer of tooth enamel on top of a layer of dentin, which in turn covers the tooth pulp. Tooth pulp holds nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, and is the part of the tooth that may require root canal therapy if it is infected or inflamed.

So what does a root canal procedure entail?

— Our dentist will take X-rays to see where the infection is in the tooth.

— During the root canal procedure, the tooth will receive a local numbing agent to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

— Then, the infected pulp will be removed and the area thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

— Then, a rubbery material called gutta-percha will be placed to fill and seal the tooth.

— A temporary filling material will be placed over the gutta-percha until a permanent filling or crown is placed on the tooth.

After your root canal, your repaired tooth will function normally and best of all, be pain-free! If you would like to know more or to schedule a visit with one of our experienced dentists, Dr. Mario Samaniego, Dr. David Samaniego, Dr. Jaime Gonzalez, or Dr. Julia Eron-Crane, we invite you to call 575.523.1479 today. Our Las Cruces Dental Associates team in Las Cruces, New Mexico, looks forward to bringing back your smile with our root canal therapy!